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It's not time to do shots.
It's time to pick a damn side.

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Louis in One Direction: Who We Are, Our Autobiography


Danai was announced for Walker Stalker Con ATL today and that means that literally the entire cast will be there this year… I just. I can’t breathe. 

46 DAYS. louisreedus dixonwalsh


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I can't...


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"Sending you a ♥ even though you already have mine. Send this to all of your followers who make you feel really special and let them know you care. ♥♥♥"

♥♥♥ THANKS MEL BB, i’ll see you in 47 days *sunglasses emoji*

"If you ask my family they would say I have loved performing my whole life. I anticipated taking an academic route with my life. I was really interested in psychology. I don’t come from a family of performers - I have an artistic family - but they aren’t performers. I never really thought about acting, I always wanted a trade. I realise now acting can be a trade. It can be work."


“The lads’ll tell you I’m a bit obsessed with hats at the minute - like, baseball cap ones. I’ve got loads but Louis keeps nicking them off my head during the shows and throwing them into the crowd. I’m gonna run out soon!” - Liam

It’s in the stars

It’s been written in the scars on our hearts

We’re not broken just bent

And we can learn to love again.

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dixonwalsh replied to your post “ahahahahahahahhahaha”




I’m really happy that you’re back, sweetie. Tumblr isn’t the same without you! ♥♥♥

thanks darling!!! and aw you’re sooo sweet!!! so glad to be back!