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"AMMMMMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! I nearly missed your bday and I would have needed a very severe punishment! I hope you get everything your heart desires (and if Reedus is in there somewhere you'll at least share him a little!). Happy Birthday, sweet girl. Love ya. ♥♥"

DONNNNNNNNNNAAAAAAAAAAAA!! gurl it totes wouldn’t have deserved that imo!! and thank you darling!! (ps of course I would share cos sharing is caring) love u too bb !! :*

"Happy Birthday Amy!!! Hope you have an awesome day! ❤ ❤"

Thank you love ❤️😘

"Happy birthday, love! :) Hope you're having a perfect day! *throws glitter, cookies & Reedus your way* Big hugs! <3"

THANK YOUUUU Sarah you lovely lady 😘😘

"Yaaay, happy birthday! Hope it's a great one! ♥"

thank you carla !!! ^-^ <3 PS i love your icon haha :)


Oct 12

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louis + philanthropist

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"Happy birthday, sweetie!!! I hope you have a great day. <3"

thank you !! <3

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"Happy Birthday!!! Love you!"

thanks ellaaaa!! xx

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"OH MY GOD! Its your birthday today? :) happy happy birthday, I hope you have an amazing day! xoxo"

haha it is!! and thanks darling xx

"Happy Birthday lovely!!! I hope it's kick ass and wonderful <3"

thank you bb <3 miss you!!!

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"What what what???!?!!? Birthdays??? We clearly don't talk enough now! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! To one of my most favoritest tumblr peoples!!!"

Aww thanks bb!! Miss youuu!

"Happy bday Amy!!!!!!!! <3 lots of love!!!! xxxxx"

Thank you!!

"AWWWW!!!!! happy birthday, sweetest amy!!!!! ♥♥♥♥ i hope you have a great day!!!"


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful sisterwife, louisreedus!
Hope you have an amazing day, Amy! I love you forever & ever ♥

BLESS YOU BB. You’re such a fab sister wife and I can’t wait to hang out with u and Mel. Gonna be stuck with me for a weeeeek. Love you forever and 5evers!!! 😘

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"Happy Birthday, Amy! :)"

Thank you friend!! 😘